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DONATE: After Hurricane Ian, we hope to rebuild better, more resilient nurseries...

Jessica’s Organic Farm has been growing a sustainable Sarasota through organic agriculture since 1979. Our market is centered around selling produce harvested on-site and from other local farms. We also offer a wide selection of imported fruits and vegetables from around the world.


On September 28, Hurricane Ian hit our farm in Sarasota, Fl, with Category 4 power winds destroying our two nurseries, one of which was built only four years prior. Because of the unfortunate timing of the situation, this has delayed two time-sensitive field rotations and will continue to do so until fixed. With what help we can get, we hope to rebuild better, more resilient nurseries to sustain us through the foreseeable future.

Jessica’s Organic Farm & Market is one of the original organic growers in all of Florida. We offer the widest selection of organic produce in the Sarasota area. Visit our in-person market on the weekend, Fri, Sat, & Sun.  HOURS: 8-6 on Fri | 8-5 Sat/Sun

The definition of farm-to-table.

We believe that local, fresh food is fundamental to health and happiness. Our mission is to grow quality, nutritious, organic produce for Sarasota, and support other local growers.

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We are OPEN: Fri 8-6, Sat 8-5, Sun 8-5

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