IMPORTANT: If you intend to order a delivery, your  address must be East of Sarasota BayWest of Lorraine Rd (which is near I-75), North of Clark Rd, and South of State Rd 70.


If you live outside this zone, we recommend that you arrange a group pick-up to your area by joining together with friends and family. Simply place multiple pick-up orders on the same day (cost is only $5* each), and have one person pick up the group's orders.

* All orders over $100 incur an extra $5 boxing fee.


If you are making a donation only, no produce, please use the DONATION ONLY option.



You can always use PayPal to checkout with any debit/credit card, even if you don't have a PayPal account!


  1. First click "Checkout with Paypal" above.

  2. Then select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" below where it asks you to "log in" :)

  3. Enter your card details, and that's it!

Technical Problems? Email:

Order or produce questions? Call: 941-363-1586 and press 3