Please donate a little to keep Jessica's Organic Farm open!


The farm is currently struggling financially due to several factors, and we need your help to keep going. We're currently in very dire financial straits, trying to pay ongoing operational costs, and attempting to plan for the 2020/2021 growing season. Your funds will be used for vital building projects and agricultural equipment, including: 


  • Recovering our greenhouse
  • Rebuilding a new shade cloth area for our plant nursery
  • Building a new storage area
  • Purchasing a new fertilizer spreader
  • Natural and humane rodent control 


This contribution is not tax deductible.


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If you are only donating using this site, and not placing an order, please use the DONATION ONLY shipping option at checkout to avoid the pickup/delivery fees. Or donate using our paypal link, and consider making it monthly!

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  • Jessica's organic farm has been a lifesaver! I am 83 years of age and at high risk for Covid-19. Recently my doctor gave me 2 new prescriptions which meant that I had to choose between meds and food.......and also had to resort to some canned food. I then learned of Jessica's Relief Fund and have been a GRATEFUL recipient of their generosity. Real Food! They have definitely made an improvement in my health, anxiety, and perhaps my longevity.


    My heart is overflowing with gratitude for Jessica's farm and their donors. These are DEFINITELY the kind of people you want to do business with.......the world needs more kindness such as this.
    I appreciate everyone so much..