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It's Keitt mango season!

These large, all-green "mega mangos" are only available for a short time and can be difficult to find. They've been known to grow as big as five pounds, and are full of sweet, tangy flavor. Don't miss them this weekend!

Mangos are often named for people who discover them, with most of them starting as backyard trees. This one is named after a Mrs. J.N. Keitt, who in 1939 grew the first Keitt cultivar in her Homestead backyard.

Keitt mangos stay green even when they’re already ripe, so the only way to tell if they’re ready to eat is to give it a light squeeze. Look for a little bit of give, and if they’re completely hard, you can put them in a paper bag to ripen.


Local / Organic

Organic Pine Island Keitt Mango (3 lb ea)