Jersey Acres Farm - Myakka City, FL

Sold as "Pet Food Only" in accordance with Florida regulations.

See legal information at bottom.


Pick-up Info: If you purchase refrigerated items (eggs, dairy, hummus), they will be left in the reach-in cooler. Please note what you purchased and retrieve it from the cooler when you come to get your box of produce.


Delivery Info: If you purchase refrigerated items for delivery, they will be kept on ice during transit, but left without a cooler on your doorstep. Please make sure someone is home to retrieve the items! Deliveries are made between 8am and 12pm the day after your order.

Local Grass-Based Raw Butter (ea)

  • Info From Jersey Acres:

    Grass Based Farm
    We are a grass “based” farm.  Our cows are out on pasture 99% of the time.  The other 1% is in the parlor getting milked.  As you can see from the pictures, we have great grass.  This is sudangrass, millet, and cow peas – summer annuals grown here on the farm. Unfortunately, our grass still doesn’t have enough energy to supply the demands of a lacting cow. Without enough energy, she uses the  fat storage on her body and becomes malnutritioned quickly (Think carbohydrates). There are metabolic disorders as well; like Ketosis and fatty liver.  These are detrimental to her health.  The health of our cows is of utmost importance to us.  A healthy cow produces healthy milk.  At this time, we follow the Weston A. Price Foundation recommendation and feed grain in the amount of 1% of their body weight.  So, a 700lb cow gets 7lbs of grain.  We are very passionate about grass-fed Raw Milk and eventually, we will be 100% grass based.  This is a long process (7-10 years+) and can’t be done overnight! You can’t just decide one day to stop giving your cows grain without a field of fantastic forages.  That is a train wreck waiting to happen.   We are constantly improving our soil, adding new grasses and legumes, and perfecting our grazing skills before we make that full commitment. We are all looking forward to that day, and we get excited when we see improvements on our land which means another day closer to our goal.

  • Raw milk sales for human consumption are illegal.

    The Florida Department of Agriculture permits the sale of Raw Milk and Raw Milk Products for Pet Consumption Only, even though there is no state law that covers this issue. The state permits raw milk sales for animal consumption either on the farm or in retail stores.    Jersey Acres is a licensed “Manufacturing and Distributing Pet Food Facility”.  This in no way diminishes the quality of our products.  We take pride in providing clean, nutritious raw milk to our customers.

    Florida Statutes