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Farm & Garden Workshops in Sarasota

Updated: May 3, 2021

Beaucoop Farm

Text: 941-479-2328

Beaucoop Farm started from a little boy's journey with his chicks. It all started with 6 chicks, bought some more, sold several and finished with the lucky 13 and expanded over the years. This has been an amazing venture and learning experience... nothing compares to the school of life.

Since this is a young boy's adventure much of it is shown through pictures on his Instagram page. To learn more about this experience please visit our blog. The blog gives great detail about the venture and starts at the very beginning.

The reason for this road is a result of multiple conversations about buying new toys and a very young boy telling his mommy to "just put it on your credit card." It's very hard to explain to a 4 year old child the concept of money and how much work has to be done to pay for a $40+ box of Legos. The value of the dollar is hoped to be gained through selling farm fresh eggs, hatching rentals, beverage burro rentals and more!

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